Consult With Custom Home Builders In Toronto

“A Home is one of the most important assets that most people will ever buy.
Homes are also where memories are made and you want to work with
Someone you can TRUST.” – Warren Buffett Feb 2012

Barroso Homes  has a responsibility to you, our home buyer/our client, and to the communities in which we build.  We will constantly strive for excellence in everything we do.  We will conduct our business with INTEGRITY, COURTESY, RESPECT, and PRIDE.  We will work as a team to satisfy our clients, enhance our community and leave behind a lasting legacy of pride for all.

Custom Homes TorontoIntegrity, honesty, and an exacting eye for detail is what positions Barroso Homes apart from hundreds of other residential builders. And while most contractors try to manage multiple jobs simultaneously, we only take on one project at a time, spending every day on-site until it’s finished.

“You can’t serve two masters, and serve them well”

Distinct from many other custom home builders, we create unique residences that are truly exceptional in quality and detail.

“Nobody is perfect, but we strive for it. We focus on the workmanship, and quality of the materials we use. We want our projects to turn out beautiful, and our home buyer/client to be happy.”

We consider the entire reality: the value of the home, both now and future, and the surrounding neighborhood. Based on all those factors, we make different decisions. Sometimes we’ll even alter building plans during the building process.

Custom Home BuilderWe take pride in our company’s philosophy to build the very best, one-of-a-kind custom home. And we promise to provide nothing but the very best attention, service, craftsmanship, and materials.

Custom Homes demand respect.

Barroso Homes has quality trades people that are fully committed to excellence. Our attention to detail will make the difference and be evident in every home. Our skilled professionals are extremely personable and committed to each project.

A Barroso Home stands for Quality and Excellence that is indeed timeless. Contact Us