Canadian Contractor Magazine – June 2017

Canadian Contractor  Not a typical Spec builder By definition, a builder who buys a lot and builds a house with  view to findings a buyer later, is a “spec” builder.   But the term can have a little of the pejorative about about.  When Rose finds a site and embarks on the design, she doesn’t…

Control4 Home Automation March 2017

BUILDING WITH CONTROL4: BARROSO HOMES SPOTLIGHT Over the years, our projects have become increasingly larger, more complex, more beautiful, and ultimately more technology focused. I have an awesome team backing me up all the way. We all have one common goal—to make beautiful, innovative communities one custom home at a time. We all take great…

TorontoHOME Autumn Issue 2016 – LadyLuck House

RADICAL TRANSFORMATION TURNS FUSSY HOUSE INTO AIRY HOME Gone with the wind – and that’s a good thing IF ONE WERE TO MAKE A MOVIE of Rose Barroso’s life, the title would be “I love what I do.” The owner of Barroso Homes is enthusiastically hands-on, whether it’s during the design of a new house,…

TorontoHOME Trends Issue 2016 – Swim Time

CANADIANS LOVE THEIR BACKYARDS, and a growing number of us are transforming them into outdoor rooms, complete with decks, patios, spas and swimming pools. Toronto Home asked builder Rose Barroso, owner of Barroso Homes, for her take on what’s new in backyard installations. “Modern luxury outdoor space will most likely include clean straight lines in…

TorontoHOME Spring Issue 2016 – Luminoso House

The homeowners call their new home Luminoso, a fitting name given the abundant natural light flowing through the living room’s expansive windows, well aided by the discreet recessed lighting installed throughout the home. Fixtures double as art, such as the white linear profiles where the wall is painted the same grey as the staircase. An…

TorontoHOME Winter Issue 2015

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Qualified Remodeler Mag Jan 2015

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TORONTO LIFE Magazine January 2015 – Hillside House

The economics of Toronto real estate in 2014 meant even completely average places could (and frequently did) sell for seven-figure sums. Despite all the craziness, though, some homes that hit the market this year truly did justify their often-astronomical prices. Over the course of 2014, we documented dozens of these standout properties as part of…

TORONTO LIFE Magazine November 2014

This contemporary mansion in Etobicoke has a layout that ensures the privacy of its occupants. The master bedroom features a six-piece en suite washroom and its own private deck—plus, it’s separated from the other three bedrooms by a hallway, for extra solitude. Read the featured article

TorontoHOME Trends Issue September 2014 – Hillside House

INSPIRED BY A RAVINE A Humber Valley home built beside a gorge takes its design cues from nature BY LAURA BEESTON • PHOTOGRAPHY: REVELATEUR STUDIO THE EUREKA MOMENT for Rose Barroso occurred the first time she surveyed the adjacent ravine while walking on the lot that would become “Hillside House.” Read Feature Article